Make every API you use faster and more reliable with one line of code

Full visibility of all your internal and external APIs. Enable caching with the flick of a switch. Say goodbye to CORS issues for good.

Monitor every single API call

View every single API request and response in real-time from your dashboard. Get alerts when issues arise and debug them using our inline helper prompts.


Speed up all your APIs, and save money

Get your response times below 10ms by enabling caching. You’ll avoid annoying rate limits while also saving money.

Faster responses

Get less than 10ms response times.

Improve reliability

Protects against traffic spikes and downtime.

Automatic retries

Recover from temporary problems.

Third-party & internal API support

Get the same benefits for your own internal APIs and third-party APIs.

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We ❤️ Open Source!

You’ll always be able to host and run API Hero yourself. We love Open API Spec and will be opening up tools to make it better.

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We previously created JSON Hero, an open source JSON viewer used by 55,000 developers per month.

How it works

Add API Hero to your Node.js or React app. Any traffic you allow will be proxied through the secure open source gateway.

How it works diagram

Visit your dashboard to view every API request and enable caching.

API Hero Dashboard

What we’re up to


Lightning fast debugging

Cache data on the edge

275 edge locations

Secure gateway authentication

Survive huge traffic spikes

Automatic retrying

Header & body rewrites


Custom Plugins

Platform & languages








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“API Hero is a game-changer! Takes minutes to set up, and you never have to think about rate limits, CORS issues, or caching again…”

Tony Dang, CEO, Infisical

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It takes less than 5 minutes to power up every API in your app!