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API Hero makes it quick and easy to add popular APIs to your project using the frameworks you love – with the hard things handled for you, like CORS, rate limits, authentication, pagination, caching, retrying and more.

A typesafe SDK & API Gateway

Build faster and focus on your product

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    Small typesafe SDK

    Reduce friction and errors with full type safety.

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    Cloud Gateway

    We deal with CORS, storing secrets, caching, validation and much more.

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    View every request and response so you can easily debug issues and share requests with your teammates.

Packed with features

Cache any API

Avoid rate limits by caching at the edge. Bye bye 429s.

Universal CORS

Skip searching google *once again* for how to get around CORS. We'll handle that.


Transform funky JSON into exactly what you want, all while keeping it typesafe.

Safe and sound

Validates both request and response bodies against JSON Schema to prevent issues.

Request history

Keep track of all your requests. Explore JSON responses, headers, and more.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

We handle API auth so you don't have to. Don't worry about leaking secrets in your clients again.

How it works


Create an endpoint

Install API Hero and the API you want to use, then create your first endpoint with a few lines of code.

How it works section 1How it works section 1


Use the endpoint

Your endpoint is now accessible as a React hook, and can be used to make requests and display typesafe data. Get endpoint stats inline with our VSCode extension.

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Inspect requests in your API Hero dashboard. Quickly spot errors and fix them, sometimes without even having to re-deploy your app.

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Monitoring and alerts

Setup alerts for when there are issues with the APIs you are using. Never miss unexpected latency spikes, errors, and schema mismatches.

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